The ZSE Foundation





Welcome to the ZSE Foundation, a modern website where can ordinary people make unordinary things happen.

The website works on several levels: regular users can submit their own projects, judges have their own interface where they evaluate projects, and admins can easily add articles and edit all the content. Pages adapt to each user’s preferences, and everybody sees and edits what they need to.

Besides these options, the website serves as a platform that informs users about available grant programs, provides news and presents all of the foundation’s and users’ accomplishments. All in a user-friendly and modern way.


Just like the ZSE Foundation, we love to help. It’s where we are at our best :)

We prepared a complex communication strategy and just after the launch of our website, sent a huge amount of targeted e-mails aimed at potential grant recipients. Along the way came precisely targeted communications on Social Media. In addition to the good-looking, cool posts on Facebook about the grant program, we focused on showcasing how the Foundation can help improve lives around us. We ran the banner campaign on different networks and sent reminders to everyone who had signed up on the site but did not finish their grant application.

The result? Nearly 400 registered projects, which will improve Slovakia in their own unique ways. And we can’t be happier about it.

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