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Books conceal a lot more

When we give a book, we share stories, new worlds and even something more precious – the emotions and experiences that we go through alongside with our storybook heroes. Picking a book for our relative shows that we pay attention to the important details in their lives. That’s because people tend to look for things they love and miss in their books.

A great campaign in every way

The campaign’s foundation was built on four mini-stories, which communicated the main idea along with most recent TOP book titles. Through a variety of stories, we showed that a book is a great gift for children, adults, family and friends. Anybody. You just have to pick the right story, emotion or experience that it conceals.

The Communication ran in online (video, branding, PPC) and offline formats (OOH, branding shops), which were accompanied by a radio spot, executed through the pleasant narration of actress Zuzka Porubjaková.

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