Mark Scrub




Sexy product? Sexy marketing!

We are happy and honored when we get to build brands with our clients from scratch. And that’s the case with the coffee peeling brand MARK SCRUB.

First, we assessed the market, learning about plenty of different aromas and ingredients. Then we went to work and produced a completely new brand set – package designs, logotypes, marketing materials, texts and wordings and defined what will make our brand stand out on the market. MARK SCRUB communicates in its own language, and it’s a bit provocative ;)

Smooth partnership with bloggers and cellulite inspired billboards

We planned a consistent communication for both of the markets. The big launch started in Slovakia, and after the strategy proved well we proceeded with the brand’s expansion to the Czech Republic. We created a partnership with the likes of Lucid Style, Sharlota, TChick and Patty Image – all successful bloggers within Slovakia and the Czech Republic. And it worked great.

Support activities like samplings, different competitions and a coherent and cool communication on Social Media were a piece of cake for us. That’s our home. Right now, you can see MARK on different billboards with a real half-cellulite look. And that’s all just the beginning, as we are aiming to help the brand expand to other markets.

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